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Popular Restaurant Named in Investigation

Popular Restaurant Named in Investigation

(DailyFix.org) – The thought of someone tampering with food terrifies many people. Perhaps the crime is so horrifying because the act could victimize anyone. One restaurant in Las Vegas is facing accusations it served illegally altered food items.

Recently, customers complained they felt drugged after eating at Secret of Siam on Centennial Center Boulevard in Las Vegas. Responding to complaints, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) detectives began investigating, causing the restaurant to shutter its doors. The Southern Nevada Health District is also looking into the popular Thai restaurant.

The claims came to light due to multiple Yelp reviews beginning February 12. People said they felt high after eating at the establishment. After seeing the reviews, others started saying they visited earlier in the month and had felt the same effects. Some customers claimed they tested positive for THC after consuming food from Secret of Siam. THC is the active drug in marijuana.

Customers reportedly ended up in the emergency room and issued warnings to others, especially those who could suffer health issues from THC consumption. Some filed police reports, triggering the investigation. Nobody from the restaurant has commented on the allegations, but locals say it’s not open for business.


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