Home Daily Fix Trump Criticizes China Initiative Cancellation: Big Mistake

Trump Criticizes China Initiative Cancellation: Big Mistake

Trump Criticizes China Initiative Cancellation: Big Mistake

(DailyFix.org) – US officials concerned with China’s relentless theft of American intellectual property and other sensitive information are taking a different approach after President Joe Biden scrapped former President Donald Trump’s China Initiative. The Biden administration moved to cancel the Initiative, instituted in 2018 under Trump’s watch because it “created a climate of fear” among Asian-Americans.

Former President Trump wasn’t pleased to hear the news, telling reporters there’s no way the current administration should be making the move. He warned China is a “big player” and can be very dangerous “in so many different ways.”

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen, head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, says the administration isn’t ending its strategic and defensive operations to combat the ongoing threats from China. The FBI currently opens a new China-related case every 12 hours, far more than any other country on Earth. China is responsible for 60 percent of stolen trade secret cases in the US.

Olsen says while the China Initiative was a coherent response to China’s ongoing attacks on our national security, it had unfortunate effects here at home. The department’s new policies will continue to prioritize and deal with China but will also take a broader approach and include other “hostile nation-states.”


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